Who we are

Ölfus municipality is a community rich in natural resources and has introduced green-growth strategy in its planning for resource utilization and productivity growth. Doing so the municipality has established a platform or cluster (Ölfus Cluster) for both the upstream and downstream supply chain of companies where the aim is to ensure that food and industrial products are produced, efficiently and sustainably, within the municipality.

Ölfus Cluster ses. (ÖC), is a non-profit organization and was founded in 2021. The founders of Ölfus Cluster are 23 in total and have in common that they operate within Ölfus or work on temporary projects in cooperation with local businesses or institutions. ÖC’s founders come from the main pillars of the Icelandic economy. In addition to the municipality of Ölfus, these are universities, research institutes, technology companies, engineering firms, food producers, producers of gases and green energy and technology companies in the electric fuel sector.

Our vision

ÖC’s vision is to create an ecosystem with a mix of companies, entrepreneurs and research institutes that recognize the strength in collaboration where each has capabilities and knowledge that together elevate each other. In this way, in the face of external competition, the combined competence within the ecosystem contributes to the competitive advantage of individual entities.

Our Purpose

ÖC’s purpose is to promote job creation, innovation, and research with a focus on the Ölfus area. ÖC works closely with the municipality and the business community and has extensive knowledge of the area’s infrastructure.

Our mission

ÖC supports and encourages innovation by providing or directing specialized and customized support services to entities in the region and thus stimulates companies in innovative activities. ÖC facilitates strategic collaboration by bringing together companies with complementary capabilities and processes with the aim to facilitate the emergence of new clusters and/or strengthen existing ones.

Our cloud of core values

Solution-oriented, Special Expertise, Supportive, Teamwork Effective, Proactive, Growth-oriented, Respect for the Individual, Committed, Socially Responsible, Creative Credible, Dependable, Trustworthy, Visionary, High-spirited, Consistent, Innovative, Integrity/Honesty, Leadership, Loyal, Competitive, Enthusiastic.

Example of our ongoing projects

  • Planning and installation of green industrial parks in Ölfus
    • Within Ölfus general plan a 579 hectare of land dedicated to Green Industrial Park.
    • Focus on sustainability and circular economy pathways
    • The aim is to create a community of businesses seeking enhanced environmental and economical performances through collaboration in managing resources and waste issues
  • Forestry and land reclamation project Þorláksskógar
    • Projected lunched in 2016 in cooperation between the State Forestry and the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland and the municipality of Ölfus
    • Area of 4,620 hectares divided into forest with birch (binding about 5.5tons CO2/ha per year) and with mixed species (binding about 10 tons of CO2/ha per year).
    • The entire forest could bind about 33,000 tons per year. Based on a 50-year period the total sequestration of the forest can become almost 1.7 million tons of CO2 and therefore an important factor in sequestration in Iceland’s carbon emissions.
  • Analysis of energy demand and means of energy transmission within Ölfuss
    • Collection of data regarding the energy needs of companies and institutions within the municipality.
    • Maintain open communication with key institutions and companies regarding energy transmission and energy production.
    • Assess the need and encourage the strengthening of the electricity transmission system and infrastructure in relation to energy consumption within the municipality.
    • Encourage the acquisition and production of green energy for use in projects within the municipality and thus contribute to the sustainability of the municipality regarding green energy.
  • Employment policy of the municipality of Ölfus
    • Work on the municipality’s employment policy, considering the wishes of residents and other stakeholders.
    • Connect with other valid policies and programs of the municipality.
    • Propose an action plan to follow up on the strategy.
  • Participation in the project Terraforming Life
    • The project is aimed to design, build, optimize, implement, and validate a new technology to help overcome the challenges related to aquaculture and agricultural systems, climate change and waste reuse. Based on a circular economy model, this project will encourage the production of fertilizers in the EU by transforming by-products into optimal nutrients for specific crops in local conditions or that are suitable for export.
  • Planning and strategy work regarding the management of the use of groundwater resources within Ölfus.
    • The project is the creation of a cluster of companies and institutions that use groundwater on industrial and commercial plots near and in Þorlákshöfn.
    • The aim of the cluster is to control the use of groundwater resources in the area.
    • The purpose is to ensure the sustainable use of the resource and therefore the operational safety of those who have used groundwater in their activities.
    • The cluster will drill research wells and install measuring equipment in order to assess the impact of the water withdrawal on the groundwater level in the area as well as to measure changes in various chemical parameters of the groundwater.
    • The cluster will set up models and analyze the data. Results will be stored in a data bank that will be accessible to public regulatory bodies.

Construction of an educational, technical and knowledge center with a focus on supporting the economy in the region.

Our team


  • Páll Marvin Jónsson
    • Managing Director
  • Kolbrún Hrankelsdóttir
    • Project leaderGreen Industry Park
ÖC board of directors – our policymakers/mentors
  • Elliði Vignisson –Chairman
    • Mayor, Ölfus municipality
  • Áshildur Bragadóttir
    • Innovation and Development Manager, Lbhí (Agricultural University of Iceland)
  • Unnur Brá Konráðsdóttir
    • Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy
  • Grétar Ingi Erlendsson
    • Marketing manager, Black Beach Tours
    • Chairman of the town council of Ölfus
  • Hafsteinn Helgason
    • Director of Research and Development, Efla
  • Jóhannes Gíslason
    • Head of Sales and Marketing, GeoSalmo ehf.
  • Jens Garðar Helgason
    • Executive Director Laxar ehf.